Science For Kids: Comprehensive STEM Guide For Kids Grades K-12

STEM For All Ages - A great resource for anyone of any age to start exploring the world of Computer Science. They provide online courses for K-12 students and even University level topics.

eGFI - Ever dream about working in the STEM field? eGFI is a great resource to learn about the different paths you can take.

Exploratorium - Explore different scientific topics on this interactive website to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Extreme Science - Here you’ll find world records and extremely interesting information about the Earth and the things in it.

HowStuffWorks - This award-winning website has a comprehensive selection of articles that explain how our world works.

Museum of Science Industry Chicago - Take a tour of a beating heart, see how different chemicals react together, and experience much more using the different interactive apps and games this website offers!

NASA for Students - For any student interested in all things space-related, this website offers a multitude of different STEM-based educational resources, including student programs and projects, internship opportunities, and various career options.

NOVA - A show by PBS, its website has many videos to watch about various STEM topics at your leisure.

Science Buddies - If you’re more of a hands-on learner, you’ll really enjoy working on the multitude of science projects this website has to offer.

STEM-Works - Articles, activities, and STEM career information galore! This website is a great place for teachers, mentors, parents, STEM professionals, and everyone else to start their STEM journeys.

TechRocket - Take coding, game design, and graphic design courses online for ages 10-18. TechRocket offers courses, tutoring, arcades, camps, and the like to provide a truly immersive and interactive experience.

The Connectory - A free online database that enables families to search for local programs and events, such as robotics competitions, coding programs for girls, and science summer camps.

Tynker - Tynker is for any budding computer scientist. Build apps, code robots, and so much more. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

US2020 - US2020 aims to improve STEM education through their mentoring program. Be the mentee or mentor; get inspiration or be the inspiration.

Youth Inspired Challenge - An initiative of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), they believe that learning STEM goes beyond the classroom. Find out what they’re doing to ensure that youths all over the world learn STEM.

Science For Kids Grades K-4

Cool Online Math And Science Games

NASA Space Place - Have fun and learn about space at the same time! Blast off into space then make your way to the sun, our solar system, and the rest of the galaxy.

Brandeis University STEM Guide for Kids - Brandeis has created a STEM guide tailored for younger children and recommends specific games and activities, as opposed to content platforms in general. Bookmark this page and let your child explore.

Cool Math Games - This website has a multitude of fun and educational games to choose from! Learn math concepts while having fun!

Cyberchase - Join Matt, Jackie, Inez, and their friends and learn about science and math through stargazing, going to the logic zoo, and many more games, videos, and activities.

Lifeboat to Mars - Go on a mission to Mars and learn about microbes and their mysterious organelles. What do chloroplasts do? What’s a mitochondria? Additionally, learn about ecosystems and the role of producers and consumers in another world!

Science Experiments for Kids

Funology - Not only does Funology have fun experiments, they also have arts and crafts, recipes, jokes, riddles, fun facts, and games!

Kids Do Ecology - Kids do Ecology (KDE) is an initiative by the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) to teach kids about ecology through hands-on methods.

Science Explorer - This concise website is filled with many experiments and activities. Make slime, grow your own mold, blow colorful balloons, and many more. What will you make today?

Interactive Sites For Education

Ask Dr. Universe - A good place to start if you ever want to become a scientist, this website lets you browse their answers to many of your curiosities, and you can submit your own questions as well.

BrainPop Jr. - Explore the different subjects offered in this website to learn about topics with fun and colorful graphics. Interested in energy for example? Browse through energy sources, heat, light, and sound modules!

Design Squad - Join Nate and Deysi in designing, building, and playing. Make a mini zipline, construct a crane, build a working robot arm made from cardboard!

The Greens - Want to know all about conservation and preserving the planet? The Greens will teach you how to lessen your carbon footprint and to be more mindful of the amount of trash you produce to save the environment in their episodes and games.

Kinetic City - Kinetic City is a fun, comprehensible way to learn and test your knowledge about all-things science through interactive games, activities, experiments, challenges, and more. Save the world by beating the knowledge-eating viruses or test your brain muscle at the Science Gym!

NASA Kids’ Club - Blast into space and learn about NASA and our universe through playing games! NASA Kids’ Club is an accessible tool for kids to inspire passion about science, through tutorials and games that introduce ideas like greenhouse gases and the solar system.

The Kids’ Science Challenge - The KSC, funded by the National Science Foundation, is a science competition for students grades 3 through 6.

National Geographic Kids - Explore the world through National Geographic’s various interactive games and articles to learn more about the world around you.

Starfall - This resource is for the younger kids in grades 1 and 2. Learn basic math skills from multiplication and division to geometry and pattern-identification.

Weather Wiz Kids - Learn all about the weather and the atmosphere from Crystal Wicker, a meteorologist whose life events inspired her to pursue her career.

Zoom - Come along with the zoomers in a virtual, interactive video experience and engage in their fun activities, like creating a virtual balloon car, decoding their secret language, and cooking up some chemistry in their kitchen.

Science For Kids Grades 5-8

Math And Science Games And Apps

Amazing Alex App - Join Amazing Alex in solving interactive puzzles and challenges in 100 levels in this physics-based game! This app is available on both Android and iOS.

Amusement Park Physics - This game answers the question, “What are the forces behind the fun?” Learn physics and have fun while building your own theme park masterpiece.

Angry Birds Space App - Follow the popular Angry Birds into outer space, where you can play the iconic game in zero gravity! This game will teach you about how gravity works within our universe, and how that changes the dynamics of what you thought you knew!

DimensionU - Who says you can’t have fun while learning? This company has three different math and literacy game apps to help you become better at math and reading.

Gamestar Mechanic - Gamestar Mechanic utilizes games and courses to teach kids how to design and build their own video games. With a community of over 250,000 designers, there is something for everyone!

Geo Walk: 3D World Factbook App - Travel all over the Earth in the comfort of your own home using this app. Explore the different wonders of the world and meet different kinds of animals.

Geometry Quest App - Come along on this quest and learn geometry as you travel from city to city solving geometry problems that gradually increase in difficulty. This game covers concepts such as area, perimeter, angles, lines, volume, circumference, etc. There are over 190 problems ranging from simple geometry problems to middle-school level concepts. - is full of articles, games, and resources for anyone interested in any engineering discipline. Search through the website by industry to get the latest news in innovation. They also provide webinars and a resource to find the best university program for you.

Machinarium - This point-and-click game takes you on an adventure of solving various brain teasers and puzzles. Devoid of any language, Machinarium takes the player on a journey to help Josef the robot beat the Black Cap Brotherhood.

Math Blaster Apps - Come aboard on the intergalactic space station and become a Cadet! Save the station from incoming asteroids, raise your own monster mutt, and train to be a better cadet in 6 competitive and addictive mobile game apps.

Math Snacks - Snack on these math based games, where each has its own math concept integrated in game play. In Gate, learn about numbers and place value as you try to free spirits. Get familiar with the coordinate plane in Game Over Gopher as you try to extract rubies. Check out the other games they also offer!

MathBoard App - A versatile math app that encourages students to hone their mathematical skills instead of guessing answers. The math skill level can be adjusted depending on level of ability.

Max and the Magic Marker App - Help Max catch the monster he created by avoiding obstacles using the magic marker to draw objects that protect him. Remember that everything that marker draw becomes real!

Minecraft - This iconic game encourages kids to create. Build your own world using 3D building blocks and survive by hunting for food.

Motion Math: Pizza! App - Start your own virtual pizzeria to earn a profit all the while learning about economics and proportional thinking.

Motion Math: Questimate! App - A fun family app that encourages creativity by letting the player create questions. It teaches the player about measurements, units, and orders of magnitude.

Move the Turtle App - An app that teaches children as young as five years old the basics of programming with the help of a turtle friend.

Mystery Math Town App - Your math skills are the only things that can help a ghost rescue the fireflies hidden in Mystery Math Town. Unlock the doors and passages that will lead you where you need to go by solving math equations and problems.

Mystery Math Museum App - Like Mystery Math Town, you need to use your math skills to help a friendly ghost. This time, the dragonflies are in trouble!

National Geographic - This website has a variety of Android and iOS game apps to play like puzzles and brain games. You can also design your own doomsday bunker in case of an apocalypse!

Numbers League - Join the Numbers League to keep the streets of Infinity City safe with the use of mathematics in a fun and interactive game.

Educational YouTube Channels

Crash Course Kids - Explores the same subjects as Crash Course, but tailored to a younger audience. Topics covered include physics, philosophy, games, economics, U.S. government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, literature, ecology, chemistry, psychology, and U.S. history.

Learning Games Lab - Browse through more than 100 math and science videos in English and Spanish on this channel. Topics include bacteria, cation exchange, and sorption.

SciShow Kids - Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks answer your questions and explain fun, complex science concepts for young, curious minds.

Fun Educational Websites

BrainPop - A comprehensive website on various subjects. Each subject’s topics are broken down into further subcategories. For Ecology and Behavior, some of the topics include game theory, human evolution, and symbiosis. There are 32 main topics (and even more subtopics) for science, math, and engineering alone.

Mosa Mack: Science Detective - Created by a teacher out of frustration by the lack of engaging science learning resources, Mosa Mack is an interactive lesson plan perfect for students grades 4 through 8; it aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Follow Mosa Mack and her friends as they solve science mysteries in her animated series.

Science News For Students - Read the latest updates in science from this website. There’s bound to be something interesting for everyone with their many topics such as Body & Brain, Invention & Innovation, Math & Technology, Physics & Chemistry, and – our favorite subject – Data Science.

SciJinks - This meteorology website has many games that explain the weather and its phenomena. Grow your own snow crystals and discover how hurricanes form.

Scratch - This website allows its users to create animations and design games to share with people from all over the world.

Middle School Science Camps

Arizona State University Middle School Summer Academy - This summer academy has various camps to choose from, including an app camp for girls, game camp, and the FIRST LEGO League.

Audubon Nature Camps - You can either attend day camps or a week-long residential camp to learn more about conservation and ornithology (study of birds). The camps are available for students from kindergarten until grade 12.

California Science Center Hands-On Summer Camp (5th-8th grade) - Learn different topics that range from robotics to plants in the various summer programs they offer every year.

Cosmosphere Summer Camp - Choose from the various day camps and overnight camps where kids can explore the Earth, solar system, and universe.

Destination Science Camp - Build robots, create chemical reactions, explore space, and build forts that can withstand meteorites.

Digital Media Academy Adventures Camp - This is a great camp to introduce kids to STEM through hands-on activities and projects like robotics, programming, and game design. They also offer online programming courses like computer science fundamentals and similar courses offered at the camps like game design and 3D modeling and design.

Earth Camp - This camp explores the wonders of the great outdoors through field research. Some of the fields of studies covered are botany, zoology, and geology.

Engineering for Kids - Their aim is to teach kids about STEM through projects categorized by engineering discipline. In Master Electronic Engineering, students will create their own video game, while in Master Chemical Engineering students will play with chemicals and analyze chemical reactions.

Engineering Summer Camps - Browse different summer camps for K-12 students offered in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This directory is continually updated with new camps and programs. Although not comprehensive, each list for every state has a hefty amount of camps to choose from, with each entry detailing the camp description, price, age range, and contact information.

iD Tech Kids Camp - Week-long day and overnight camps are offered with hands-on science-related projects to develop STEM skills at an early age.

Invention Project - Their aim is to empower middle school students to explore and to pursue STEM by turning their invention ideas to life by delivering their creations to the market.

NASA GIRLS and NASA BOYS - This 5-week virtual mentoring program was created by Women@NASA, a women and girls initiative by NASA to showcase the achievements by women who work for the agency and to inspire girls that they too can reach for the stars. Students complete online lessons with their mentor’s guidance.

Northern Illinois University STEM Outreach - Students discover STEM topics with the camps offered at NIU. Some of the activities for middle school students are coding, LEGO Robotics, and video game design.

Science Explorers - This company offers after school camps, science summer camps, and other events that offer hands-on scientific learning to students.

Vision Tech Camps - Based in the Bay Area, this organization provides STEM learning opportunities through engaging lessons on programming, game design, robotics, and engineering.

Youth Digital Summer Camps - Learn more about STEM this summer in the comfort of your own home. Code your own Minecraft mods, make your own app, and customize your own Minecraft server.

Science Projects For Kids

Curiosity Machine - This website is a treasure trove of fun, hands-on challenges categorized into different engineering topics from aerospace to robotics.

Science Bob - A good collection of science experiments and science fair ideas. Make a balloon rocket, a levitating orb, and slime among other fun projects!

STEM Sports - Science education kits and curriculum that combines science with sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, and bicycle motocross (BMX).

Girls In STEM

Alexa Cafe - An All-Girls camp whose goal it is to empower female students and to encourage them to pursue STEM.

Black Girls Code - An initiative to motivate girls of color to be a part of the STEM field. Their aim is to train 1 million girls by 2040 to occupy the growing number of computing jobs in the tech industry.

Camp Reach - Hosted by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, this summer camp is for middle school girls who are interested in the STEM field and want to learn more about engineering concepts.

Carnegie STEM Girls - This website has many resources for girls who are interested in learning more about STEM. There are activities, programs, and career resources for the budding female engineer, scientist, or mathematician.

CuSTEMized - Create a personalized storybook and dedicate it to the special young girls in your life to empower and to inspire them to learn and to explore STEM topics.

EngineerGirl - This website’s aim is to encourage girls to pursue STEM, a field in which is male-dominated. EngineerGirl is a service of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

GirlGeeks - This online community encourages young girls and women to develop careers in STEM. GirlGeeks provides articles and resources on newest technology, computing certifications, and general advice on how to kickstart your career path.

Girlstart - This organization provides year-round STEM education programs for girls in kindergarten through grade 12. They also host a summer camp, after-school programs at their partner schools, and their annual conference.

Girls Who Code - Girls Who Code is on a mission to “close the gender gap in technology.” They are partnered with top tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and AT&T, and they also have a summer immersion program which are available to girls in grades 10-11.

Made by Girls Camps - The aim of this organization is to break barriers through empowerment. Some of the activities this camp offers is game design and wearable tech + fashion design.

Made With Code - An initiative by Google, this website has a bunch of fun online projects to start your journey with coding, and they even have resources like where to learn code online as well as more coding projects from their partners!

National Girls Collaborative Project - This organization’s vision is to serve underrepresented girls in STEM and encourage them to pursue careers in the STEM field. They have many events around the country, and they also host webinars.

SciGirls - SciGirls is a Daytime Emmy award-winning PBS show that encourages tween girls to pursue STEM with the help of their main character, Izzie. Watch full episodes online, and be a SciGirl by playing their games!

Science For Kids Grades 9-12

Science Fair Projects For High School - Browse through hundreds of different science-related projects to do on your time or for the science fair at your school. Have you always wondered the type of music genre that bacteria enjoy the most? Now you can execute the experiment to see for yourself.

DiscoverE - This website has hundreds of activities to do! You can sort them by the different engineering disciplines and topics.

Science Fair Projects World - You can do basic activities, large and complicated experiments, and scientific research tasks using this website. Their projects are divided into the six categories of Technology projects, Human Body, Physics, Math, Chemistry, and Biology.

Women In STEM

All Girls/All Math Summer Camp (Grades 10-12) - Offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this program is a week-long summer camp for female students to hone their skills in mathematics.

Design Connect Create! - Learn about physics concepts through hands-on activities in this exciting two-week day camp where you will spend one day at a STEM company. Open to girls taking their first high school physics course next fall.

DigiGirlz High Tech Camp - DigiGirlz is an initiative by Microsoft that gives girls the opportunity to learn more about STEM in hands-on workshops and first hand experiences. Open to all high school girls.

FabFems - A response by the National Girls Collaborative Project to the lack of women in the STEM field, FabFems is a national directory of female STEM professionals who serve as resources for young girls curious about having a career in STEM. Find a role model and mentor that can teach you all about their work!

Girls Communicating Career Connections (GC3) - This website is a great resource for researching interesting math and science careers. They have video segments produced by middle school aged girls, encouraging other girls like them to explore their options in the STEM field.

Girls in ICT Portal - This initiative’s goal is to empower young girls and women to pursue careers in Information Communication Technology (ICT). Discover resources to learn about this growing field.

Girl Communicating Career Connections - Videos, games, activities, oh my! This website is a great resource for researching STEM careers. Browse through their list of career articles, and each article has links to career path resources and mentor profiles.

Girls Inc. - This organization aims to inspire all girls to live up to their potential through advocacy. Its site has various resources and programs to help girls realize their goals in STEM.

Made With Code - An initiative by Google, girls can learn how to code by doing their various projects like designing an LED dress, experimenting with a music mixer, and making an emoji who looks just like you!

Women in Science Research Network (WISRNet) - This collaborative project aims to bring to light women’s contributions to science and to understand their exclusion in history. WISRNet also looks to the future to develop ways to encourage female participation in STEM.

Women in STEM Knowledge Center - This fascinating website is jam-pack full of articles and videos that talk about the experiences of women in STEM. They dive into the history of female involvement in science, the impact of technology on women, how the workplace environment can affect women’s decisions to leave engineering, and a multitude of other topics.

Science Videos

Applied Science - Hosted by Ben Krasnow, this channel is a show and tell of various novel items that illustrate scientific concepts. For example, a water jet cutter, a refrigerator that works by stretching rubber bands, and a piezoelectric motor.

ASAP Science - Weekly videos with catchy titles that cover a broad range of topics. The topics included are largely superficial, but the writers make it a point to cite scientific literature throughout their videos.

CGPGrey - An anonymous UK physics teacher making videos about current events, history, and technology. While not a science channel, many scientific and mathematical concepts are explored including game theory, the mathematics behind elections, and technologies like domestication and automation.

Crash Course - A channel shared by four vloggers, this channel consists of approximately 10-minute videos about physics, philosophy, games, economics, U.S. government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, literature, ecology, chemistry, psychology, and U.S. history.

It’s Okay to be Smart - A PBS Digital Studio production, Joe Hanson, Ph.D. is here to explain how the world works. Weekly uploads at approximately 5 minutes each.

Khan Academy - Khan Academy’s YouTube channel. In contrast to most other channels, Khan Academy uploads videos that correspond closely to school curriculum. Can’t understand your teacher? Come here instead.

Knowledge Hub - This channel focuses mainly on history, but touches on technological advances in the process such as the weaponry used by various nations in WW2, the Space Race, etc.

Kursegast - Monthly videos pertaining to subjects in popular science at the time. The videos occasionally explore hypothetical questions to explain concepts. For example, “What happens if we throw an elephant off a building?” to understand inertia and kinetic energy.

MinuteEarth - Covers a diverse array of topics relating to earth and lifeforms. Topics covered include animal behavior, geology, ecology, and anatomy.

MinutePhysics - Short weekly videos about astronomy and physics. Often includes relevant equations and force diagrams in videos.

NumberPhile - As the name suggests, this channel is devoted to numbers, though not strictly in terms of mathematics. It explores the various constants used in science and the modern world.

Periodic Videos - A chemistry centered youtube channel. Explores each element of the periodic table one at a time, and also contains videos about chemistry in general, and the latest discoveries.

Practical Engineering - An exploration of the everyday world around us from an engineering perspective. Has a particular focus on civil engineering, infrastructure, and buildings, but also contains video of simpler engineering concepts and DIY experiments.

Real Engineering - Approximately twice a month videos pertaining to major inventions or engineering challenges. For example, “Transistors – The Invention That Changed the World.” More recent technologies like carbon fiber and modern airplanes are also explored.

SciShow - Daily uploads that explore strange phenomena in the world like Lime disease, viroids, and slime mold. Some topics are explored in question format, like “Why do we have earwax?”.

SciShow Space - Hosts Hank Green, Caitlin Hofmeister, and Reid Reimers explore space. They begin just after the beginning of time up to to the most recent breaking news in space exploration.

Seeker - A channel devoted to science in the extremes: extreme space, extreme earth, and extreme technologies. Employing a sensational presentation style, the channel is a great source of entertainment while still introducing audiences to the the frontiers of science and innovation.

The Signal Path - Focusing entirely on electrical engineering, The Signal Path provides education that can assist students, hobbyists, or even industry professionals. Equipment reviews, tutorials and repair videos are posted regularly.

Science Channel - Watch full episodes of science shows at any time!

TED - This website is a treasure trove of videos from speakers who are from different backgrounds. You will find yourself lost in the fascinating talks for hours.

VSauce - Explores various peculiarities of the scientific world. Some directly explore scientific concept, while others lean more towards myth busting. For example, “Is Earth actually flat?” or “Did the past actually happen?”

Wendover Productions - Weekly animated videos explaining why the world is the way it is. Each video tends to focus on a practical question. For example, “Why don’t [passenger] planes fly faster?” Topics relate to geography and economics.

STEM Programs And Camps

Ambition Program - This week-long program hosted by the National Flight Academy will immerse a student and their team to utilize their STEM skills to finish a task.

Arizona State University High School Summer Academy - This summer program has various summer camps like an app camp for girls, a robotics camp, and solar energy camp. Which one will you choose?

Audubon Nature Camps - You can either attend day camps or a week-long residential camp to learn more about conservation and ornithology (study of birds).

California Science Center Hands-On Summer Camp (Grades 9-10) - An engaging summer camp with over 30 courses to choose from. For grades 9-10, some of the activities they offer are 3D Animation and Soap Box Derby Races.

Camp Euclid - A 6-week online camp that requires participants to build a team to research unsolved problems in mathematics.

COSMOS STEM Camp - California State Summer School in Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) is a rigorous program from UC San Diego that teaches motivated and bright students STEM-related subjects that are not typically offered in high schools. This program is also located at UC Irvine, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz, and is open to students worldwide.

Cosmosphere Summer Camp - Overnight camps are available to high school students to explore the universe and all things space.

Digital Media Academy - Learn how to develop your own mobile phone apps on iOS devices. Offered in 21 university campuses in North America.

Engineering Summer Camps - Browse different summer camps offered in each state, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

High School Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) - A 2-week day camp for students interested in STEM. Each subject or module has 10 students, so the lessons are intimate and engaging.

Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) - Participate in a summer research lab and be mentored by lab personnel from the Department of Navy.

Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science (SAMS) - A residential summer camp hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. They aim to recruit students who are underrepresented in the STEM field like first generation college students, economically disadvantaged students, and African American, Latino, and/or Native American students.

S.P.I.C.E. Camp - The acronym stands for Students with Potential and Interest, Considering Engineering. It is a week-long program for female students in grades 9-10 who are interested in learning more about STEM.

Summer Camps @ the TechThe Tech Museum of Innovation in Northern California hosts summer camps every year for budding scientists in grades 4-8. Kids learn how to make their own virtual reality viewer and to code their own Android gaming app, for example. For teachers, the Tech hosts their Design, Make, Code Workshop every Saturday where educators are taught things like circuits which they can integrate in their teaching curriculum.

iD Tech Teen Camps - This summer camp is offered at more than 120 university campuses. Some topics of project-based courses include apps, robotics, 3D printing, and game design.

Vision Tech Camps - Based in the Bay Area, this summer program encourages students to learn skills useful in the STEM field.

Competitive STEM

Air Force Association (AFA) CyberPatriot Competition - Teams of high school and middle school kids are challenged to manage the network of a small company by finding security vulnerabilities while maintaining service. Are you up for the challenge?

BEST Robotics Competition - BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) hosts this annual competition where teams try to solve a problem based on a real-world condition. The theme is kept a secret until Kick Off Day!

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing Contest - Based in Canada but open worldwide. There are different contests depending on your grade.

Envirothon - This summer competition is focused on four main ecological topics and a current environmental issue.

FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) - All skill levels are welcome to participate in this competition. FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) has teams go through six weeks of hard work starting from raising funds and ending with competing with other teams using the robots the teams build.

FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) - Like the robotics challenge, teams of all different skill levels are encouraged to join. Teams build and operate robots to compete against other teams.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) - Around 1,700 science fair winners from around the nation compete in this fair for prizes.

NASA Asteroid Grand Challenge Series - The main goal of this competition is to help protect the Earth from the potentially hazardous asteroids. These efforts are in collaboration with different partners and agencies.

NASA Capillary Effects on Liquids Exploratory Research Experiments (CELERE): - Each individual or team uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in this competition to do research on microgravity and capillary action. This is a program of NASA and Portland State University.

NASA Expulsion Drop Tower Challenge - Teams of high school students submit a proposal to test their hypothesis on the expulsion of hydrophobic objects form water during microgravity.

National Stem League (NSL) - Teams can either compete via web-based, invitationals, or internally. NSL has three series that students can compete in: Student Racing Challenge, Student Rover Challenge, and Innovators-in-Training Challenge.

National STEM Video Game Challenge - Individuals submit their video game ideas and designs. Each winner may receive $1,000 among other things.

NSBE Jr. Explorer Technical Innovation Competition - This annual competition hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers is open to middle school and high school students.

Solar Car Challenge - This challenge involves a 15-month long educational program where high school students learn how to design and build a solar-powered car. At the end of it is the challenge where they race their cars in the Texas Motor Speedway.

SourceAmerica Design Challenge - Participants in this competition invent technologies that help and improve the lives of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) - The world’s largest student rocket contest. This annual program challenges students to design, to build, and to fly a rocket, and the rocket has to carry a raw egg safely with certain rules.

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL) - For high school students in grades 11-12, this year-long tutoring program is geared towards students to further help prepare them for standardized tests.

Zero Robotics High School Tournament - Students are challenged to code a program that can control satellites. The finalists will get to see their code run on the International Space Station.

Careers In STEM

CareerOneStop - Want to learn how to write a résumé? What about applying for college and getting a job? This website is a one-stop shop for students who are thinking about their futures.

Get the Math - A website where they help students become better at solving real-life problems by relating school topics to pop-culture TV.

IEEE TryComputing - Search for accredited computer programs, explore careers related to computing, and browse through additional resources.

IEEE TryEngineering - This website has games, lesson plans, and resources to find the engineering major that is best for you.

IEEE TryNano - A website that is a helpful resource for anyone interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

iON Future - Their goal is to match you with a STEM career according to your interests as well as explore the many careers in the STEM field.

Know It All (High School) - A variety of videos and other media that relate to health education, science, technology, and math.

Take IT and Go Anywhere - Learn about Information Technology careers and Computer Science careers and how to get started on your path to this industry as a high school student.

Interactive Learning Apps and Websites

Amplify - Engaging math and science games that encourage learning high school and college level subjects without getting bored. For example, Cell Strike is a simulation game where players control white blood cells to fight pathogens to learn about the immune system. In C0D3BR34K3RS (Codebreakers), players have to solve complex algebraic problems to solve a crime.

Codecademy - Learn about web development, programming, and data science from the free interactive courses they offer!

Frog Virtual Dissection - Dissection without the mess, this app shows you how to dissect a virtual frog and learn its biological functions and parts.

Mathemagics - Improve your mental math calculation by using this app. You will be performing basic math skills in record time.

Muscle System Pro - An interactive app created in collaboration with Stanford. Look at the muscle system in depth and even take notes as you explore the different layers.

NASA App - This image-intensive app allows the user to look at what is going at NASA. You can rate and save the best images on the app.

Pocket Universe - An award-winning app that teaches you all about the night sky like moon phases, moons, and constellations. There are even quiz games to play!

Regular Berry: Algebra Touch - Cement algebra concepts in your mind using their animated lessons and practice problems. You can even create your own problems to solve!

Sparticl - A website jam-packed with information. Categories include Living Things, Matter & Energy, Tech & Invention, Body & Brain, and Earth & Space. Each category has videos, games, articles, images, activities, and scientist profiles. You can even earn points to work your way up the leader board.

Teaching NGSS Engineering Design Through Media - A resource collection of engineering-related videos that are drawn from various shows.

Touch Press Media - Interactive apps from a variety of subjects like chemistry, math, and astronomy. Each app includes beautiful photos, videos, and illustrations that make the experience of learning even better.

TryEngineering - This website has a good selection of engineering games to choose from. Create and race your own solar car, design a bionic arm, conduct NASA repair work, and many more!