Highest Paid Data Scientist Careers

Ranked as the best job in the United States for three years, the data science industry typically yields some of the highest paid entry-level jobs, with an average starting salary of $120,000. Data scientists have ranked their jobs a 4.8 out of 5, the highest on Glassdoor. But why is this the case? Based on interviews conducted of data scientists, they enjoy the high salary, room for job growth, as well as challenging and stimulating workload. Data scientists enjoy that they can identify insights and trends that organizations can use to make improvements.

With a range of career options depending on skillset and experience, there are plenty of options to choose from in this booming career path. From data architects to database managers, check out our ranking of highest paid data scientist careers.

Highest Paid Data Scientist Careers

Data Architect


Data Architects are involved with the design, creation, deployment, and maintenance of an organization’s database. They typically define how the data will be stored and used, as well as develop strategies for all areas in the database model. Data architecture also includes any applications used for processing the data.

Data Scientist


A data scientist organizes and analyzes data to pull insights and trends for an organization. They can use this insight to optimize different business processes and solve any preexisting problems. In addition, data scientists can help make optimal business decisions by applying statistical models to current data.

Data Modeler


Data Modelers work with data architects to design optimal databases for an organization. They are skilled in both statistical analysis and information science, in addition to possessing strong programming abilities. They translate lengthy and complex data into usable information. In addition, their models help optimize business processes by removing redundancies or facilitating data movement.

Big Data Engineer


Similar to data scientists, data engineers also convert large amounts of data into usable insights for decision making. However, they are also in charge of the retrieval, interpretation, analysis, and reports, making the job more complex and difficult. In addition, they are typically responsible for the company’s database and software architecture.

Database Developer


These professionals are in charge of analyzing current database procedures in order to streamline and simplify the process. They will comb through lines of coding and make more efficient edits and modifications. Database developers are skilled in troubleshooting, fixing, and maintaining databases on a daily basis, and are skilled programmers.

Database Manager


Very similar to database developers, database managers also troubleshoot and repair any issues that may occur with the organization’s databases. However, they are also in charge of the physical design and installation of the machines, as well as any other maintenance requirements that may arise.

Data Analyst


Data analysts are typically job positions given to those who just completed an undergraduate degree. They are in charge of managing the company database, as well as creating reports and assisting any issues that might come up. Data analysts have a strong understanding and command of how to use different analysis tools and databases.

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Hopefully, our guide on the highest paid data scientist careers is helpful. For more information on advancing your career in the industry, make sure to check out our list of top Masters programs in data science.

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